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How can I benefit from QuranLinks.Net?

A huge number of Quran related sites are available on the Internet, and QuranLinks.Net idea is to work as a directory for Quran links that sorts and classifies sites using tag words which are provided within the listed website itself. You can browse by a tag or you can search for sites using the search box. You can also browse sites that are top rated and/or most visited.


Can I suggest a Quran site?

You're welcome to suggest your, or someone else’s, Quran related site, and we will review the site and then add it in.


What criteria are used to list a site?

The basic criterion is to list trust worthy links.


Why there are only Arabic & English versions of the site?

QuranLinks.Net is programmed with the ability of adding other languages in the future, if you want to help translating the site contact us  to join QuranLinks.Net voluntary community and help us translating the site into other languages.


How can I help publishing QuranLinks.Net?

There is many ways that you can do to help promoting and publishing QuranLinks.Net, below are some ideas:

  • Suggest the site for your friends by sharing the link by email, SMS, and social media tools (link to SHARE THIS SITE).
  • Write about it in your blog, post a review on related forums.
  • Place a link on your website or blog, using the following library .
  • Join the Twitter and Facebook pages and promote it to your friends and connection.
  • Create an online and/or offline promotional campaign with the website link.
  • Talk about QuranLinks.Net with your friends and family.


Who is behind QuranLinks.Net?

A passionate team of web entrepreneurs and developers who admire Islam have developed the site without any political or any particular denomination.


How can I get in touch with you?

Send an email using the feedback form.

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